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Dungeon Hunter 3 Gets Multiplayer Update

Gameloft recently released the much-anticipated multiplayerdungeon hunter 3 update to Dungeon Hunter 3 for iOS devices. Featuring Co-operative and PvP multiplayer combat for up to four players, this update adds an entirely new dimension to Dungeon Hunter 3’s already stellar gameplay. Now you and your friends can take your Astromancers and Tricksters and Warlords and Shamans online to battle it out against other players all over the world.

In addition to the new multiplayer modes, the Dungeon Hunter 3 version 1.1.1 update contains a number of bug fixes and adjustments, including: 

  • Key regeneration now fixed
  • New leaderboard optimizations
  • Recap screen added showing the completion of secondary objectives
  • Other minor bug fixes

Be ready to fight evil along with your friends in the cooperative mode.
If you want to know whoís the greatest hero, confront players from all over the world in the epic deathmatch mode.

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