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Speed Racer: The Beginning Now Available on iOS for iPhone

Social Games International today announced – a game based on the fan-favorite anime series, Speed Racer – is now available for download at the App Store on iOS for the iPhoneSpeed Racer: The Beginning and will be available for iPad next month. 

In Speed Racer: The Beginning players will take the role of Speed himself as he pushes the powerful Mach 5® to its limits in an attempt to become the greatest race car driver ever.  Challenges abound as players learn to avoid deadly obstacles, such as oil slicks, rough terrain, falling rocks and weather; jump treacherous gaps; and, outrun enemy racers.  Before and after each race, Speed Racer: The Beginning will also allow players to customize the team and Mach 5 with performance boosting tires, power boosts, increased durability, extra lives and additional Trixie helicopter rides.   Speed Racer: The Beginning will entirely retain the classic look and feel of the original series and will even include exciting clips from the actual show before and after races. 

Following is a list of all of the exciting achievements found in Speed Racer: The Beginning and how to unlock them:

1.              Speed Champion / Used 3 speed bonus in a row.

2.              Cockpit shield master / Used 3 Cockpit shield bonus in a row

3.              Lumberjack master / Used at least 3 buzz saw

4.              Chains master / Used 3 tire bonus in a row

5.              Trixie support / Connect with Trixie helicopter in level 7-2

6.              Shop addict / Purchase at least one item in the shop

7.              2 gold cups / get 2 gold trophies

8.              4 gold cups / get 4 gold trophies

9.              6 gold cups / get 6 gold trophies

10.           8 gold cups / get 8 gold trophies

11.           10 gold cups / get 10 gold trophies

12.           12 gold cups / get 12 gold trophies

13.           14 gold cups / get 14 gold trophies

14.           16 gold cups / get 16 gold trophies

15.           18 gold cups  / get 18 gold trophies15/ Best driver of the universe /get 20 gold trophies

16.           First victory/ Finish level 1-1

17.           A new star  / Finish level 5-2

18.           Impressive skills / Finish level 4-2

19.           Fastest car in the World / Finish level 8-1

20.           Best driver in the World / Finish level 10-2

Speed Racer was originally adapted from the anime Mach GoGoGo, which first appeared in Japan in 1958.  The series made its debut in the United States 10 years later in 1968 and became an instant classic, introducing hordes of children to the innovative Japanese animation style and directly helping to secure anime’s foothold in the West.  Speed Racer has since become a cultural icon for an entire generation of fans, spawning additional comics, new television series and even feature film adaptations.

Developed by Playlithium, Speed Racer: The Beginning is now available for the iPhone for $0.99 at the App Store.  The game will also be available next month for the iPad.


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