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Maze Magic review (iOS)

Posted by , Yesterday

One lone wizard lost in an endless maze pitted against an army of evil wizards that will stop short of nothing to prevent you from reaching the exit of the maze. Your job is to help escort him to safety by tapping out his path and collecting coins and potions along the way.maze magic

Collecting coins and potions are a key aspect of the game. Use the coins collected to unlock future levels and mazes or new hats and staff for your wizard to make his questing easier. Choose your battles with the evil wizards wisely for you need to use the potions collected to cast his spells. Run out of potions and he’ll be defenseless against the next attack.

Making it to the end of the maze and have the remaining potions converted into coins.

The mazes are very small and simple in design and offer very little challenge to complete. After a good ten minute game session all the mazes start to look the same with the placement of items changing locations, this goes for the later mazes of the game as well.

When you first purchase Maze magic you are rewarded with 10,000 coins to start you on your quest. Save them or spend them right away, 10,000 will allow you to buy any of the four hats available in the game. The staff on the other hand will take a little bit of collecting to unlock. Each level in the game has ten mazes, in order to advance to the next level you will have to unlock it for the cost of 27,500 coins. If you decide to buy items instead of unlocking the next level to continue on you will be force to farm out enough coins by replaying the mazes of any of the levels you currently have unlocked.

maze magic gameplay

If coin farming isn’t your thing make your way to Maze Magic’s in game shop and spend some hard earned cash for more coins. Buying coins from the shop is a great way to defeat the purpose of the game since there are only to items to collect coins and potions. Once everything is unlocked or bought there is no point to playing the game. Maze Magic is loaded with ads throughout the game, but you can pay a dollar in the shop to remove them from the game.

Maze Magic has some of the longest load times seen on the Iphone and it likes to load for every maze and menu screen, even when the next maze looks identical to the last.

 Our Rating for Maze Magic review (iOS)
Only thing worth replaying for is to farm for coins so you can unlock the rest of the game so you don’t have to pay for it with real money.
The graphics are nice to look and are very detailed.
You will be rewarded with a new annoying music rift when you unlock the next level, highly recommended to be played with the sound off.
Easy to play hard to stomach the ads.
Multiplayer/Online Content
This game is not worth your time or money and should be avoided unless you want to find out for yourself.

Rating: 0.0, votes: 0


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